Friday, 22 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 20

Today I went for a walk along the dike just off Steveston Highway.

Saw this crow diving bombing a hawk

A view of the dike to the south. Those hazy grey mountains off in the background are Vancouver Island.

Willow trees are my favorite tree, this one is a beauty

Sorry for the crooked picture, this is the house of one of my heroes, Harold Steves. His family was the pioneering family of this area and his last name is where the name Steveston comes from. This is the original family home that is still a cattle farm. His house is on one side of the dike and he has some grazing land on the other side. His beef is all raised organic and free range.

 Harold has been a city councilman for many years in Richmond and he fights hard for things like no GMO crops allowed in Richmond, keeping farmland in the ALR,and preserving the heritage of various areas around Richmond that would have been bulldozed year ago. He was my champion in trying to get my house declared a heritage building so I could keep it in Richmond. He did good too, sadly the council did want my house but not anyone living in it.

Breaks my heart to see his sweet farm surrounded by new homes in every direction. I'm sure the developers cant wait to get their hands on his property!

Busy happy beehives

The other side of the farm.

Strange tree, looks like its covered in breasts.

A gorgeous Rhodo in full bloom.

The dike is an awesome place to walk and bike ride, it runs for miles around Richmond which is actually the name of the city. Richmond is on an island called Lulu island which is mostly a giant sandbar in the river with the dike providing flood protection. I don't think I have ever heard it referred to as Lulu island though, everyone just knows it as Richmond.

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