Saturday, 16 May 2015

30/30 Challenge _ Day 15

Hmm, your saying, what does a thrift store have to do with nature? Well, I admit, I did go there to soothe my thrift store  shopping addiction, however, this one has gorgeous gardens all loving tended by volunteers. They do a fabulous job, every season something is blooming. Here is what was growing mid-May.



 I don't know what this is called,but it has self seeded all over Steveston Village showing up in front of many of the shops. I want to grow some around my place, should I just grab a clump with some roots and hope it takes hold?

Afterwards I went down to the wharf to see about buying some spotted prawns. Its been all over the news about how its the season for them, and how good they are.

Saw some salmon for sale

Sadly no spotted prawns, they all ended up at False Creek, but I did find large shrimp, so bought a  pound of them for 8 dollars.

I carried on down the dock to look at the fishing boats anchored here. These seagulls are watching over.......

....these seagulls, that are cruising beside the fish and chip stand ,hoping for handouts.

Floating restaurants

I was hoping to see the name of the boat in the back, its called Knight Dragon, I thought that was cool.

This boat has been here for years, they are constantly working on it, its coming along nicely.

The whale watching excursion coming back to shore.

A view of Vancouver Island off in the distance.


 I was born in Halifax and although I don't have any memories of it, I am glad I ended up in another coastal town. I have the ocean in my blood and don't like to be very far from it. We lived in Winnipeg for a year and it was hell for me to be landlocked. Glad to have wet feet again !





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  1. The thrift store is so lovely, it must have been a church or school in it's former life. They have done such a great job with the flowers. I really enjoyed the pictures of the wharf too. My heart would love to live by the sea again. Years ago we lived in Connecticut on the Atlantic ocean. We go back yearly for my sea fix, you're very fortunate to see water every day.

  2. I've always wanted to go into that thrift store, but when I got over there they weren't open. Maybe if I get back to Steveston again I can take a look. My good friend John's parents were from Halifax. When Wayne and I went there several years ago, we looked up John's mother's brother. - Margy


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