Sunday, 10 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 9

My Bleeding Heart in her full glory

My neighbor gave me this Solomon Seal  plant from her garden a few years ago. I thought it had died but it suddenly showed up last week and is definitely bigger than last year, whoohoo!

The Hosta in the bed next to it is making a good comeback as well but it looks like the slugs may be nibbling at it, time to spread the eggshells I have been saving all year, they seemed to do the trick last year.

I don't know why, but the peony flower buds have little ants constantly running all over them. They don't seem to be doing any damage, but I have knocked them off a bunch of times and every time I look they are still there.

I seem to be getting stronger at bike riding every time I go out. Todays milestone was riding my bike all the way into town to pick up a few groceries. Surprisingly, it only took me 16 minutes each way, not bad! For those that don't know, this is somewhat of a miracle as I have fibromyalgia and some days getting out of bed can be an ordeal, this much exercise would have been unheard of last year, I was lucky if I could make it up a flight of stairs. After going to the grocery store, I stopped for a minute at a small park down by the river. Just love this gorgeous Rhododendron.

A view of a tiny church on the small island that is in all my sunset pictures.

A cosy path along the river

I think this is a birch tree that looks like someone torn a strip off of. I thought that if you took a ring off like that, that it would kill the tree?

The tall brown fence in the top  right is part of the outside wall of the fort in Fort Langley.

Taking pictures while riding my bike, there is probably a law against that lol.

The first hay cut of the season, all those white dots are huge rolls of silage.

GRRRRRRR....... nothing makes me more angry than seeing fuel in the river. This just horrifies me. I just think of those poor little goslings paddling through this and having to try and clean themselves after. :(   Someone upstream must have pumped their bilge or something, wish there was another way!

This was as close as we got to a sunset tonight.
The one thing I cant take pictures of is smells. I hate the smell of fresh mown grass, but the smell of it growing is sweet perfume. The gently scented air as I ride my bike down country roads is as delicious as fresh laundry on the line. Except for that one part that smelled like something died in a ditch, that wasn't so fresh!

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  1. Peonies and ants, they just go together. I always dunk the flowers in water for a few minutes before I bring them in the house.

    1. Thanks Roz, I had no idea, I didn't notice them the last few years, but glad they aren't doing damage.

  2. You garden is blooming with such wonderful colours. My vegetable garden is doing well, but all my beautiful yellow daffodils are gone with nothing to replace them. I have a few marigolds on the front porch, that's it. - Margy


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