Friday, 8 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 7

I think the universe just doesn't want me to drive anymore! I didn't even make it 15 minutes from home when the car decided it had gone far enough for today. Another tow home, another day missed at work, another day spent test driving David's repair efforts. As the day as drawing to a close, I decided to go for a bike ride and explore another road in the neighborhood.

 I sort of feel like this fence looks!

Considering I live on water and am surrounded by streams, creeks and ditches you would think bull rushes would be everywhere, but they're not. These are the first ones I have seen anywhere near our home and this was a sparse showing. Too bad , as they are a very useful plant to have around.

On the way home, I noticed this ditch/stream had a few very large holes dug into the bank. I was dying of curiosity as to what kind of animal was living in there. It must be something of some size as that is a good size hole, would easily fit a beaver.

I think this hole might be connected to the other one, the back door of the home.

I am always looking down at the riverbank under our ramp when I cross it to see the various animal prints that show up there.  Every high tide washes them away, and new prints show up with every low tide. It has been a good education as I try to figure out what made them. Todays offering is goose prints. (parents and babies). I have on occasion seen some very big paw prints in there that look like they could have been made by a bobcat or maybe a wolf. Kind of scary to think something that big is prowling around so close to the house, especially as I get home at 11 pm.  I did see a bobcat last month about 20 km from here, so its not out of the question. I would kind of like to have the chance to observe one in nature, what a gift that would be. I do worry about my cats though!

I never get tired of the view!

Well my butt finally stopped hurting after the bike rides at the beginning of the week. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it all seemed easier to do today. I had more wind, stronger legs, and a less painful bum, so hopefully I can start going further down the road. I really want to get out on the boat but the freshet is picking up lately and we haven't had much of a slack tide and may not for a while yet, so I think I need to embrace the bike for now. See you tomorrow!

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  1. so very sorry to read about your car troubles, it makes me crazy when my car doesn't work. You're doing a great job on your challenge, keep it up. I never get tired of sunsets either.

  2. For you the freshet can make for a strong current. For us, it is a quick rise in lake level. I think (actually I know) it is much easier for us than you. - Margy


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