Wednesday, 13 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 11

Sorry for not posting sooner. I worked late last night and was too tired to go through the pictures and put this post together. Yesterday I went for a walk down by the Fraser River in Steveston which is located at the mouth of the river. I love swans so much. My life would be complete if I had a swan that lived near my home and a giant willow tree on the bank. I see swans all up and down the river but have never seen one around my home, I hope that changes someday!.

They have completely rebuilt the whole waterfront to the east of Steveston  Village over the last few years. A fancy path follows the river with all new buildings facing it. They are meant to be a village unto themselves with shopping, services and housing. I didn't see one business on the ground floors, not sure if they aren't ready or not selling?

This is their view, a sandbar/island in the river.

Looking out to the river mouth

Old left over pilings from the old canneries that used to line these shores.

Childhood memories of pulling off the purple petals and sucking the sweet juice out of them.

and putting buttercups under our chin to see if it reflected yellow (if it did it meant we liked butter)

Beautiful wild roses

I wish I could photograph the smell of this flower, it was divine!

 Don't know what this is called but the flowers are very tiny.


 Wild flowers, I think they are called lupins

Do you ever see little balls of spit on plants? Ever wonder how they got there?

Each little ball of spit is actually a home for a little tiny bug that lives in the middle of the spit.
Spit bugs!


This bush is behind my office, I don't know why I have never noticed it before, it is smothered in blossoms. I am not sure, but I think this is a form of Hydrangea.

I never thought of it when I first started this challenge, but it has turned into more than 30 days of getting outside. It is also 30 days of blogging and 30 days of photography, all challenges for me!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I'm back from a trip to Oregon to watch women's softball. It's the finals for college teams right now. I love the lupine. I used to get a few sprouting on my log boom floating stumps, but no sign of them yet this year. - Margy


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