Friday, 15 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 14

Well it seems we bit off more than we can chew,expecting to completely rebuild a car in a few days. Rather than risking my life trying to drive the half finished car to work, I finally broke down and bought another one. My girlfriend offered to drive me into Richmond to pick up the new car. These are some pictures I took in her garden while waiting for her to get ready. It was not the best time of day to take pictures with the sun over head, they are kind of washed out, but this was my nature walk today, so here is what I saw.

 She has an acre of land that is a sanctuary for the senses. They grow and produce a lot of herbal medicine on the property. It is still early in the season so not everything is up yet, but still a good showing of colours and vibrant green life.

The rhododendron in full bloom

Garden d├ęcor

The largest Solomon Seal I have ever seen, had no idea it could grow this big

Here is another bush of it with the BBQ and a table nearby, for size comparison, mine is about 8 inches tall!
Not sure what this is

Healthy garlic

She planted this row of curly willow just a few years ago to block out the view of the condos that got built overlooking her back yard. They grew from twigs to trees in just a short time.

A small pond with flowers in it.

Love these guys!

This robin sang to me the whole time I was looking around

Not sure what this is

or this... but it looks scary, huge spikes on the leaves

Bee Balm I believe

This squirrel kept a close eye on me, chattering up a storm the whole time.

The elusive barn cat staring me down

Love this rose with so many petals

The rest of these are pictures I took at her place last fall showing more of the diversity in her garden.

Yup, that's a giant banana tree!

A face made out of mosses

And last but not least, my new ride!!!!

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  1. Gorgeous photos, Rhianna! Good luck with the new car, too.

  2. You're really are a good photographer, I always enjoy your pictures, so beautiful. Your friend has an amazing garden. Congrats on your sweet ride, but I'm sure you wish the other one could have worked out. I hate car problems!


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