Thursday, 28 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 24

Hi, I have been walking everyday and taking pictures of my journeys but have been suffering with ocular migraines for days now which makes it hard to sort through the pictures and process them. It took me a few day but was finally able to get the pictures for this post sorted, so here is my day at Finn Slough.

Finn Slough is a small community of homes on stilts and fishing boats that live in a tiny tidal slough in the Fraser River. Originally the fisherman lived further inland on Finn Road ( named for all the Finnish families that lived there) but had to move closer to the river when their access was cut off with development. As this wasn't land per say but just buildup of river silt along the banks, there was never a purchase of land with deeds etc. There has been ongoing controversy over whether they can stay here and what city services they may be entitled to. I hope they get to keep their community here, its a slice of the past that most people will never see again as everything gets mowed down for more condos.

The entrance to the slough. I noticed they had put a barrier of fishing floats across the opening, not sure if that's to keep people out or in? The building on the left is a float home that was not part of the original settlement and just slipped in there one day, I don't think the locals were to happy about it. I was looking at this area as a possible place to put my home, but when I asked around, the locals were adamant about not wanting anymore people there to aggravate their legal situation.

Some interesting structures here, I always love some creativity when it comes to housing. I especially like the use of the boat as a doorway cover


The drawbridge to the homes on the other side of the slough. This is a seriously rickety structure that is on its last legs. I get that they are trying to preserve the originality of the area but as the main access to their homes, I would want to replace some of those boards!

A pathway to the houses. You used to be able to walk to the end, but I guess the tenants got tired of lookieloos like me so they have put up a gate to keep people out.






These last two pictures are paintings of the slough that hang in the hallway of the building I work in.



 I think if my house could speak, it would probably say " oh look, the land of my people" as it is the same era, style and use as these places. I am happy that my house is in better shape than most of these though. It would have been nice to be in a community that is as eclectic as this but their ongoing legal issues and the amount of decay would have bothered me.

I have zillions of pictures to process from my walks of the last week, so hopefully my eyes settle down and I can get on it this weekend. See you soon!

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  1. What an interesting place, I love this glimpse of their lives. Hope you are over those headaches. I can take a lot of pain in my body, but when my head hurts, I'm useless.

    1. Thanks Roz, actually I don't have headaches per say,(thank god, my Mother suffered terribly from migraines, but I have ocular migraines which means my vision gets distorted. For me it feels like a jellyfish slid over my eyeball and everything is blurry to look at. Not painful but makes it hard to look at the computer. If I try and strain to see clearly ,my eyes start running with watery tears constantly. Hopefully it calms down soon as I have tons of pictures to go through!


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