Tuesday, 5 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 5

Sometimes it seems like all the birds look exactly the same around here. Hundreds of geese, ducks or seagulls all with the same markings. Then every now and again a completely different bird shows up. I spotted this guy tonight, love the "doo" on his head. Think I will name him Trump lol.


 Our property is overrun with horsetail, is there a market for this stuff, we have acres!

What isn't covered in horsetail is covered in blackberries. I never noticed before that the flowers look like tiny apples before they open.

I love the vibrancy of this ground cover, I wonder if this is good for anything?

Went for a walk up the road and found a small bunch of stinging nettle. It was the bane of my life as a child, I always seemed to be landing in giant patches of it. I had no idea back then what a useful plant it is. Now I am glad to know where to find some.

 Had a little visit with the neighbors horses.

Found a patch of Vanilla Leaf. This plant repels flies and mosquitos, so I gathered some for our front door.
I didn't have any tobacco to leave as a gift for the medicine of this plant, so I picked up garbage on my way home as a gift to the earth. I think I will take my picker stick and a garbage bag on my next walk.

My neighbor gave me this cute dream catcher tonight.

We were treated to another beautiful sunset tonight, I really appreciate having a view after years of city living.

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  1. Great photos Rhianna. I'd like to try making horsetail soap and shampoo, maybe i'll make it over and pick some this summer if you don't mind. Steamed Stinging Nettle is my favourite spring treat, and the tea from steaming it is great too. Nice neighbourhood!

  2. Oh and all those blackberries are just about the best habitat you could name for birds. Food, building materials, protection and escape from predators.

  3. I think your bird is a female Common Merganser. We have a pair that must be nesting nearby the cabin. I see them flying and swimming every day or so. - Margy


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