Sunday, 31 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 26

Todays walk was at the Terra Nova Adventure Park.

This is the view from the North Dike Road, looking over the river to the Vancouver airport.

Looking east up the river, the building on the right with the curved roof is the Olympic Oval where they did the speed skating

Looking west, the mouth of the river emptying into the Pacific Ocean

Saw this bench as I entered the park

Taking the path to the right, led across this little bridge which crossed this small cute pond.

 On the other side of the pond, is the worlds best kids playground

This crazy structure is about 5 stories tall

and it comes with a huge slide

 something to scramble on

How fun is this, a zipline!

Another slide

Strangely I never saw one kid, it was all adults playing on things. Hmm, maybe this is a playground for grownups, how fun!

 I continued walking on the trails in the park

Found this interesting structure....
 .... this was the explanation of it

Followed this path and found.....
 ...and found the Terra Nova Community Gardens

 a bee hotel

A last look back at the exit

This park was an old farmstead that they kept the fields and put paths throughout. A nice place to go for a walk.

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30/30 Challenge -Day 25

A walk on the south dike in Richmond.

 Interesting sea grass
  A mini beach with fire pit

Took a rest on this homemade bench

Cottonwood seeds carpeting the ground like fluffy snow.
A large ship in the river. They want to get rid of the tunnel that goes under the river and replace it with a large bridge so they can bring even larger ships into our river to transport oil. I pray it doesn't happen, we don't need that kind of risk to our water and salmon runs.

Driving back to work, I had to pull over and take some pictures of this incredible garden. I could not do it justice in pictures. Someone had planted the shore of the river with a gazillion flowers of all kinds. Definitely a labour of love and very impressive.

Thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow.

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