Sunday, 3 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 3

Well I didn't make it too far from the house today. My legs were killing me from all the recent bike riding. I wanted to go out in the kayak, but the current  was strong and David was busy building me a car, so not available to help me get in and out of the kayak. I haven't been in it for a few years and am suddenly a little bit scared of it for some reason. I would definitely feel better with a spotter around. 

This is the car I bought at Christmas. The transmission slips out of gear while driving and there is a ton of blue smoke when you start it up. The underneath was quite rusted out which made any kind of work on it very difficult. I desperately needed another car but could only spend about a thousand dollars. It looked like all I could get for a thousand was a car from the 1990's. I decided, if all I could afford was a 25 year old car, then I might as well look for another one like the one I already have, at least that way, I would have a parts car at my disposal.

 This is the new car I got. Same year, make and model as the red car. The body, engine and transmission are in better shape than the red one, but just about everything else is toast in it. It sat for five years outside and was covered in green moss when I first got it. A lot of the rubber hoses etc. were toast. Poor Dave got a bad scald on his stomach when the rad hose blew while he was checking under the hood. The rear suspension rattles something terrible, the clutch is about ninety five percent gone, the brakes were seized up, the rad was blown, and the interior just stinks amongst many other things. Dave has his work cut out for him, as we will basically be rebuilding the car from the ground up.
I stuck around the house today to be available for test drives while he worked on it and as the sun was setting, realized I hadn't got out yet today. I grabbed my camera and decided to go for a walk down the road and investigate around the little trout stream that's at the end of our property. Caught the sunset from the back end of the parking lot.

Walking down the road a bit, this is the trout stream looking south. We paddled a canoe up here last year. It was a nice little excursion through some  picturesque farms.

This is the other view where it goes out to the Fraser River. Once, we watched a power boat come under that train bridge at low tide and get stuck on this side when the tide came in as it didn't fit under the bridge to go back out. We could hear the girls with them cussing them out all night as they waited for the tide to turn.

I walked a bit further up the road and crossed the train tracks to follow a path down to the river.

That's us way back in the distance. We always see people camping over here, now I know what we look like to them.

They had a cute fire pit set up with some spare wood stacked up, ready for another fire.

The view up the river looking towards our place

Another little trail led to this small campsite.

I caught the full moon rising on my way back up the road.

Saw this in the driveway, not sure if it is a dead snake, it was totally flat and imbedded in the gravel.

Got to love it when Nature does the gardening for you. I didn't plant these, they all self seeded.

A last shot of the rising moon.
Well, I didn't get too far, but still spent at least 30 minutes wandering around the river bank in Nature, so job done for another day!
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  1. You're fortunate to have such a handy guy. You're doing great on your challenge.

  2. You live in a natural setting, so getting out in nature is pretty easy. That's the way it is when we are at the cabin. But let us get in town and we become couch potatoes. - Margy


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