Friday, 8 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 8

Today was a good day! Dave got the brakes sorted out on the car, then went and got himself a job. And not just any job, but a job rebuilding classic cars! Now we have a place where we can take the car and put it on a hoist and have access to other mechanics and specialized tools. To celebrate he took me out for a boat ride. This is my first time in our new ( to us) boat and only the third time I have been out on the water in the three years I have lived here. I find it quite bizarre that I live on the water but rarely if ever go out on it in a boat.

What we look like to other boats in the water.

We went and took a look up the trout stream just downriver from us.

The tide was so low, I was poling us through the river with my paddle. We got to just around the bend and had to turn back as we were getting stuck on the bottom. We saw thousands of little tiny fish in the water. Good for bait if nothing else!

This looks like it might be some critters home.

Coming back downstream to the Fraser River

Old pilings under the train trestle.

Lots more critter holes

One of our neighbors up river

This float home showed up about a month ago and is moored a couple of docks up from us. This house used to be in a TV show called McGuiver. At the time it was natural wood coloured. It has passed through a few hands and moved to a few different locations since the show ended.

The goslings are growing so fast!

I love how nature just grows anywhere it can, sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

We almost lived here before we found the spot we are in now. This is a couple of km up river from us. The only real drawback to this place was no access to fresh water.

The sun was starting to set , so we turned around and headed home. Going with the tide was sure a whole lot faster!

These two boats are moored off grid in the river, they use our dock to have land access.

This is our neighbors ramp. I just can't get over how steep it is. That would be such a chore to move anything heavy up or down.

This is ours by comparison. A bit of a hill but not a sheer cliff!

Another lovely sunset, my favorite part of the day. Today was full on summer. It got to 20 Celsius. I spent a few hours catching a tan and reading a book in the hammock. This is what it is all about. Everything we have worked for, was for moments like these!

I'm a happy camper!

 See you tomorrow!

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