Monday, 11 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 10

 Well the car broke down again on Saturday. Dave managed to baby it home, so thankfully no tow truck this time. He spent all day working on it and we went for a test drive at the end of the day. We went down to the end of the road about 10 km from the house. At the dead end, we were turning around when we noticed this black boat across the way, turns out it is the boat of an old neighbor of ours from when we lived on Mitchell Island, small world!

A little further up the road, David pointed out the wooden building across the river. He told me that, that location was another option for us that he had looked into but that access would have been an issue. I am so beyond grateful for the perfect location we ended up finding. I love where we live!

There are a lot of antique cars in this part of the world. We see many "fields of dreams" in our travels. This farm had a number of old cars littering the fields.

This farm has some interesting looking cows. We don't normally see cows with horns like this around this part of the world.

I have always been fascinated by dandelions. What happens to all the yellow petals when they change to fluff?

I am amazed by Mother Natures ability to recuperate. The landlord burned a large pile of scrap wood here recently and burned a large section of grass in the process. The ground was charred black. Now only a few weeks later its hard to see where the burn was as it quickly fills in with new grass.

I love that our backyard is a goose nursery with several goose families raising their young here. The sad part is watching their families dwindle in size. I don't know what happens to all the babies as the parents are hyper vigilant and super protective but as the days go by, we see fewer babies. My heart breaks for these Mothers who must grieve the loss of these carefully tended offspring.

Well there is still 20 days to go in the challenge. I have shown you pretty much every blade of grass for 20 miles around my house. I hope I can still find things to take pictures of and not bore you to death. I am grateful for this experience though as it is forcing me out and about as I had become almost bedridden the last few years. I know how lucky I am to have so much nature and beauty at my doorstep. I can see most of this from my bedroom window, but getting out and slowing down to appreciate and think about what I am looking reminds me of my childhood when I spent all day outdoors. Good times!

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  1. Great job on keeping up with your challenge, and I will never get bored with looking at all the beauty around you.

  2. I've enjoyed the tour. I'm so glad your location worked out so well for you after all the troubles in your last moorage. - Margy


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