Wednesday, 6 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 6

Lucky for us, going out in Nature pretty much means opening the front door and stepping outside. Dave has been rebuilding my car as fast as he can, but I had to take it to work the other day and it wasn't really ready for the road yet. A few hoses blew and smoke pouring out of the engine isn't a good look, so I got myself towed home after work. Dave spent all day rebuilding the brakes and replacing hoses. I stuck around for test drives and worked on my bike. We had company for dinner so I didn't get out and about, but here are some pictures of things I see from my deck.


This seal swam back and forth in front of our house for months, we kind of think of him as "ours" and wish he would come visit us on the deck.

There is a whole family of these little tiny frogs living under our dock, so cute!

Another odd duck.

Dave the Goose Whisperer! This goose hung out for hours talking to Dave in quiet goose babble.

As we tried to go in for the evening, it flew up onto the hot tub and continued to engage with Dave, even going so far as letting Dave pet him a few times.

Ok, now its just being a stalker lol,its looking in all the windows to see what happened to Dave.

Goodnight :)

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  1. Dave is a very handy guy. We have two pairs of geese in the area. If they get in each others territory, they get in huge fights. At least the males do. We love sitting on our front porch and watching the boats go by. Most our out in the narrows of the lake so we need binoculars to get the details of what the barges are carrying up to the logging docks. Your boats are much closer. Do you have much trouble with wakes? - Margy


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