Wednesday, 20 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 19

Well I am sad to say, I missed a day. I had to go to the Dr. yesterday and get cortisone shots in my thumbs and a tetanus shot. I had planned to go check out a park in Vancouver as long as I was there, but I was in so much pain , I just wanted to go home. I will make it up another day.

 Today I went to a new park called Williams Park not too far from where we live. What an awesome park! I will definitely be going back. The only thing I don't like about going out in the middle of the day is it makes for crummy photos, so these are a pale version of what things looked like.

 First thing I saw when I got out of the car, was a bunch of Daisies. These were my Moms favorite flower and I hardly ever see them, I hope it means she is thinking of me. I defiantly had a guardian angel watching over me today. The other day , I accidently dropped the only key to the new car in the river. When I called to find out if it was possible to get another one made, I was told that my key was possibly a chip key. This means a key that runs the computer in the car and will disable the car from theft if that exact key is not used. If that was the case, the computer possibly could be reset at a cost of $1,200 or if that didn't work, a new computer would cost $ 4,000! I was freaking out to say the least. So grateful that it turned out to be just a regular key and it only cost $13, thanks MOM :)

This fountain was at the front of the park

They have a wonderful place to have a picnic that could hold a good size crowd. Good place to have a special party

I so wish I could photograph smells, someone get on that please! I used to be a chimney sweep and the smell of these outdoor fireplaces brought back a ton of memories.

There was a lovely trail that  wound around the upper part of the park, a nice place for family activities. There were several staircases that led down to the salmon bearing river.

A beautiful small river winds through picturesque forest.

A gorgeous meadow beckons to be explored

...but the little bridge leading into the woods won out.

I spent about an hour exploring tantalizing little trails and I know I didn't get to them all.

Hard to get a sense of size in a picture, but this was quite a large and fairly healthy tree that had broken, I wonder what happened to it?

This is the tree itself, it was huge!

Came across this pile of vegetation that had been yanked out by the roots and left strewn across the path, wonder what that was all about?

A cute duck, taking a bath

I have never seen a Rhododendron tree before, it was huge!

Saw this tree with root ball and all going downstream when I got home. Looks like the freshet is finally here!

Another gorgeous sunset to end the day.

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  1. You wouldn't want a log and root ball hitting your float for sure. When we kayaked on the Skagit I hated getting to log jams. Glad the car key incident worked out in your favour. - Margy


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