Sunday, 17 May 2015

30/30 Challenge - Day 16

My roses are blooming now. These were originally just one of those tiny roses in a small pot that people buy for the table. I planted it outside and it has gotten bigger every year. Hard to tell in this picture but its actually quite a purple colour.

I have never watched a grape vine grow before, so this is all new to me. This vine is now three years in the ground and this is the first time I have seen these, so I am going to say, it looks like we will be having grapes this excited!

This is the Virginia Creeper I planted three years ago. It was just a few short twigs in the ground. It is looking good this year, tons of berries which turn bright red in the fall.

Todays expedition took me to Brae Island Regional Park. Brae Island and McMillan Island look like one island shaped like an eye but are actually two separate islands with a tiny channel of water between them. McMillan Island is the home of the Kwantlan Indian tribe where I attended the Salmon Ceremony the other night and Brae Island has a beautiful, well maintained campsite and public trails going through the forest to the west corner of the island.

My heart just went awww when I saw this. I love owners that go the extra mile to make a pets life better and not just give up on them. Kudos!

A map showing the two Islands and the park.

A close up map of the park trails, I walked to the end and back as well as doing the loop. I think about 5 km in total. In reality it was a bit much for me. I had two km to get back to the parking lot and was in agony but pushed through, even jogging a bit to make it go faster before my hips seized up altogether. Once I got going on the trail I only saw one other person at the end, if I had had problems I may of been stuck out there.

A view into the campsite, very clean and nice, with a swimming pool. If I was coming from out of town, I would recommend staying here.

The start of the trail going past the campground on the left and the river on the right

Looking towards Fort Langley. Rowing sports of all kinds are very popular here, those are sheds to store the boats across the river.

The mother load of salmon berries are in this forest, yum!

Wonder what that berry thing is on this tree?

I love a curve in a path, it drives me forward, no matter how tired, I MUST see what's around that bend!

This cool tree was one trunk with six trunks growing out of it, must be a very wise tree.

More intriguing paths, wonder where this goes?

A slug snacking on mushrooms

Now I know where to find stinging nettle in large quantities, and they are huge, this one towers above me!

Finally a break in the trees and a view of the other side of the river

By now I had been walking for about a hour and a half and realized it was 7 pm and I hadn't eaten anything all day. Suddenly I was starving! Bless the Creator for thing to place fresh berries along my path. I inhaled these. They were so good! A burst of life elixir, the tang of fresh vitamins, the quenching juice swirling down my throat. A feast at the Four Seasons could not have tasted better.

The goal finally in sight, the western tip of the Island.

A cute boat shed on the other side of the slough.

This goose made her nest at the top of the piling, looks cozy and a great view!

An old net shed, I like ours better, we have a cedar shake roof instead of metal cladding.

Grrrr.... I have to say after walking for hours, this was the only piece of trash I saw in here. Shame on the person that left it. If you can pack it in, pack it out. I go in nature to forget about civilization not have it thrown in my face. So yes, I packed it out for you, so this place can stay pristine! I brought a refillable glass bottle with me on my trek. Nature...take only pictures...leave only footprints, that's my motto!

I need to do some research, I believe these fresh needles are edible/drinkable as a tea.

A creepy crawly on his way.

OMG finally the end is in sight, not much further to the parking lot. I am staggering by this point lol.

We are so blessed out here to have so many parks and small forests to explore. They are trying to cut it all down as fast as they can and put up wall to wall beige condos, fracking everything else to provide power to them. I hope you all take a stand to protect nature, the environment, the water, the air, because without those life is meaningless. Get outside, walk barefoot, stop and smell the roses, that's what life is all about.

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  1. I went to Brae Island on one of my day trips while I was caring for Mom in Bellingham. I found a nice place to sit in the sun to read and relax. Then I went to town for an ice cream. A perfect getaway. - Margy

  2. Just to let you know, I've enjoyed your posts so much I'm sharing our 30/30 story over on my blog. Hope you don't mind. Maybe you'll get a few visitors from it. - Margy


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