Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Stuff That Inspires Me

Over the years of reading other peoples blogs, I have stumbled onto many great ideas. This is a short list of some of the best. These are all things that someday I would love to try or have always wanted to know about.

Gardening library
Survival seeds
Hot flash remedy
How to use furniture stripper
Furniture stripping
The secret of the blue hour(photography)
How to make a window box
How to make a corner seat from a bed headboard
How to make a bench from a bedframe
How to make a hallway stand from a door
How to make a bench from a dresser
How to post a giveaway
Window seat from a coffee table
Murphy bed plans for hardware
Murphy bed plans without hardware( bed lies on the floor)
Headboard turned coatrack
How to turn a dresser into a vanity
Coffee filter roses
Large mirror frame tutorial
Faking wall panelling
Stamping words on metal
Step by step canning
Planting a garden the no till way
Silk roses over christmas lights
Bentwood rocker makeover
How to make cheap laundry soap
Window Display Cabinet

Which ones did you like? Do you have any great links you want to share with us?

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