Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Funky Garden

The other day I showed you my patio garden that I am putting together on the front deck. Today I want to show you the trinkets and decorations that made their way out there as well.

A Tibitan reflector of negative energy to keep my home safe is hanging next to a windchime wrapped in wicker with two garden themed hooks just below.

My doorbell, what can I say, I live on the water, got to keep the nautical theme in there somewhere!

I love this carving, I have had it for years, it usually lives in my kitchen, but I decided it looked good against the old cedar siding.

I took some jute rope and tiny dollar store seashells,some glue and covered glass t-light holders ( more nautical theme)

This table top was a bench salvaged  from my boat the " Lucky 7" She was a 1933, 30 ft. wooden rumrunner that had all kinds of carvings in the wood. I kept everything of interest to incorporate into my home when the  boat was scrapped.

Carvings in the right corner show the sun, a sailboat and her name and date

The top middle shows two hands surrounding a circle

The left corner shows a partial face

And last but not least a hummingbird feeder. Note the ornate hook holding it. It's a sea serpent with it's tongue out.

All this decor was brought to you by Value Village or as my friend likes to call it, Va loo Vil lagge , say that with a fancy french accent!

How about you, do you decorate the outside of your house? How long do you think this stuff will last before a good wind or a big wave sends it flying?

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  1. Your place is WONDERFUL!!! My spirit smiles and relaxes as I look through your pictures. You have a great way with recycling and giving new life to otherwise often forgotten items. Enjoy each and every moment and keep creating!! Your style is unique and a blessing to the eyes.


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