Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Inspiration Mondays-Doors

When I was a child, I spent hours pouring over catalogues and magazines cutting out pictures of furniture and decor that I wanted in my own home. Inspiration Mondays is a digital continuation of that habit.

 Todays post is about inspiring doors.

I think doors say a lot about a house. They can be formidable barriers to keep people out or welcoming portals to that which lies within. Here are some doors that I would like to have in my home. Some because they have personality, others because they offer creative solutions to storage problems.

I have one wall that I want to put something like french doors. I need/want a lot of light in that area of the house. I like this set...
 ..or this one

I like this, I have a ton of ornaments, always looking for somewhere else to display them, why not use the door?

This is just a piece of art!

as is this one

and this one, very clever!

Hmm, this one gives me ideas, I have a whole bunch of portholes from my boat, maybe I could incorporate them into a door?

Who says a door has to be square?

I love stain glass and leaded glass in doors as well. This one is a bit different. It already rains here tons, so not sure i would want to look at this all the time, but it is rather well done as an effect.

You could recycle an old pane window door with various colours of glass to liven up your interior

More storage possibilities, I like it..... a good place to keep the cookbooks for the kitchen

Some day , I envision a cute little balcony like this off of my bedroom, love the little medieval doors

Sigh.... I just want this whole house, my favorite part of Lord of the Rings, was the interior shots of Bilbo's house in the Shire, the ultimate Hobbit house

I love these old screen doors, I definitely want one of these in my house, squeaky hinges and all.

This one looks like a bookshelf but it is actually a bifold door, how clever is that.

Another bookcase doorway

If you like these bookcase type doors but can't afford the high prices to buy one, check out this DIY site that shows you how to build your own. I love the idea of making use of  the wasted wall space that doors are.
Secret Hidden Bookcase Door Plans

Hmm... would like to have the house big enough to have this for a doorway, love all the carvings and smaller doors on the side.

 How about you, do you have any unusual doors in your home? Would you put a non-standard door on your home to express your personality?

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