Monday, 30 May 2011

Inspiration Monday - Doorknobs

 I wrote this post to go along with last weeks post about inspiring doors . 

Ok , your probably thinking, doorknobs, really? How much variety can there be in  doorknobs. Well you would be surprised, I know I was. Check these out:

Hmm, the universe in your hands!

I like this handle style, this is the kind of knobs they use in Germany. I find these easier for arthritic  hands to use, also good for hands covered in massage oil!

 How about a strange face

 I love the simplicity and clean lines of this one

 I love the crystal doorknobs, I am collecting them as I find them for my interior doors.

 Ornate lions head knob

I have several like this that I will find a use for in my upstairs bathroom, love the blue colour

Purdy and yet gaudy at the same time, love them!

I seriously love the blue one, I would have these all over my house.

A wicker doorknob, who knew?

When you run out of room to display your native art collection, incorporate it into the doorknob.
 Another representation from the animal kingdom

 This is a cool looking doorknob, but I would always be scared of shattering it if I squeezed too hard.

I like this, looks like it would be at home in a castle.

This one looks like it belonged to Merlin the wizard!

This one belongs on the door to a romantic bedroom.

For those germaphobes that don't like to shake hands...let your door do it for you!

Knobs for your seaside cottage

I guess these are more handles then knobs, either way , they sure make a statement.

For the wine lover of the house.

For your dungeon

Not sure why the bird is pecking the guys brains out, but it's definitely a conversation starter

Elegant hand, probably more of a knocker than a doorknob, but I thought it was cute, so it stays

So which ones did you like? Do you have any unusual doorknobs in your home?

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