Monday, 25 April 2011

The First of Many Projects!

The Shirley Metal Kitchen. This was donated to me by David. It is an old (1940-1950) metal kitchen sink and cupboard unit. As you can see, it was seriously rusty and decrepit looking when I first saw it.


I thought for about a nano second, that I might keep the original sticky paper that was on the shelves, just to keep it original looking , but decided against that when I saw the fifty year old dirt under the edges of it. Out it came!

I then spent a few hours sanding the whole unit down with various grades of grit, until the rust was all gone. Then I gave it a good washing with TSP and hot water, followed by a good long hosing down. Once it was dry, it got painted with 2 coats of self etching primer inside and out.

For some reason the colour I chose isn't showing up in these pictures at all, but this is the cabinet with two coats of sage green colour ( which mysteriously looks exactly like the military green tarp that its sitting on).

I found these cute handles at Home Depot. I guess over the years we have changed the standards of how wide our handles are for cupboards. The holes in mine were for about a two and a half inch spacing, but all the handles I found were three inch. So unfortunately, I had to ( get David) to drill an extra set of holes to fit the handles.

So, its pretty much done now. I want to build a small wooden frame for it to sit on as the doors catch on the ground, then as soon as the kitchen is painted, it will be installed.

All this work has aggravated my bulging discs in my neck once again ( 3 times in one year!) Each time it seems to take about 6 weeks to resolve itself. The last time it happened , I spent over a thousand dollars on naturopath, chiropractor, massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture. Nothing works unfortunately. They all say the same thing, there is nothing they can do for me, I just have to manage the pain and wait for it to fix itself. So a few Advil and a Demerol, then wait for it all to kick in and I have about 2 pain-free hours to work with with before it all wears off. I then have to wait an hour before I can take more and it takes about another hour for it to kick in. Slowly but surely, I am making some progress. I'm off to paint the kitchen now, wish me luck, I suck at painting!

How about you, would you have taken a chance on this old unit?

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  1. WOW....This is way to darn cool. I'd love to get my hands on a piece like that. Your hard work paid off......

    Thanks for linking to "Meet Me On Monday"...

    By the way, love the name of your blog....

    Take care,

  2. I love what you did!! I doubt I would have taken a chance on it.. but I love how it turned out and what you've done with it!! Great Job!!!


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