Saturday, 16 April 2011

Big Fish

Funny , I live on the water but don't give much thought as to what might be swimming by. This giant guy was caught upstream. Im never swimming in here again!

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  1. He`s georgeous I hope they let him go? (I think they have to unless he`s a juvenile?)Wow! I would ne honoured to swim with him (if I could see him that is) :o))

  2. They did let him go,just took the picture first. Someone told me a story once that sounds like a tall
    tale to me but they swore it was true. They said a friend of theirs who lived on the water had a huge sturgeon attached to his dock by a chain with a ring through it's nose.He would go out to the dock and call him and the sturgeon would come up to be fed. He wouldn't tell newcomers about the fish, just say he wanted to show them something. They would get a huge shock when this giant fish came out of the water right at their feet.


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