Friday, 1 April 2011

Pictures of Home

Do you ever get bored of where you live and wonder what it would be like to live somewhere else? I grew up a military brat and for the first half of my life I moved almost every year. Some places I loved, some I hated,and some I was just passin' through. I still tend to change residences fairly often but have managed to make Vancouver BC my home for the last twenty years. I get itchy feet now and again, but then I see a video like one of the following,and it makes me see my city with fresh eyes and I am inspired and awed all over again.

This is a beautifully done time lapse of the city

This one is 24 hours compressed into one minute taken from KatKam. KatKam is a cam that a lot of us locals use to check the weather, as it faces towards the ocean and we can see what we are in for. The land in the far upper left corner is the grounds of UBC and on the far water side of that is the best beach ever. Checking KatKam lets us see if the clouds are going to be rolling in to spoil things. This particular day was two summers ago on the day of the South African fireworks for the Symphony of Fire fireworks competition. God decided to enter the competition himself and put on his own show. Even though we live in a rain forest and get tons of rain, we rarely ever get thunder and lightning with it. This day was wild! The sky turned the most amazing colour of orange and there was a huge lightning show, followed by the fireworks show, you be the judge on who put on the best performance!

This is some more footage of that same night taken from a different viewpoint

Not a bad town, I think I'll stay awhile longer. I truly am blessed to live in such a beautiful, peaceful part of the world. I hope you enjoyed these glimpses of my home town.

How about you? Are you happy where you live? Do you take the time and look around and see the special beauty that is your hometown.? Tell me what makes your hometown special to you.

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