Monday, 25 April 2011

The Marco Polo Room

The next project was the handmade couch that used to be on my boat. This couch had been hand crafted to the boat in such a way that it didn't have both sides finished or any support in the back leg area as it had been fitted right onto the structural ribs of the boat. I had spent a small fortune recovering the cushions on it and wanted to salvage it if I could. It's my goal to keep as much of the boat alive as possible and incorporate it into the cottage.

My friend Todd who knows  a lot more about refurbishing furniture than me came over to help me with this one. He cut some wood to fit on the open right side of the couch and added some structural wood to the back so it can support people sitting on it. I'm so grateful to him for his help. I love my couch and it fits right in my Marco Polo room. (named because it's full of my strange and varied treasures from around the world)  I have a ton of stuff that needs doing, so this isn't quite finished yet. I still have to sand the edges of the new wood and verathane it so it will be the same colour as the rest of the wood. However it is usable for now and I will get to it when I am verathaning other projects

I LOVE this chair. I found it at the flea market a few weeks ago and couldn't afford it but bought it anyway. It was just too perfect for this room. It is very low to the ground and is covered in a Persian style rug. It is very comfy and it's where I sit to daydream.

The other wall in my room holds my bed. I hung up a curtain in front of it that I can close when sleeping .

I found this old brass tray a few years ago that had been abandoned outside. I haven't made any effort to polish it yet but lucked out at the same flea market and found these wonderful carved legs to support it for only ten dollars.

This item is one of my pride and joys. It's a sand pendulum. I bought it in Glastonbury England about 5 years ago and it has spent most of that time in storage. I was so happy to stumble upon it the other day and get it set up. The black tray sways and swivels causing the pendulum to create spirograph type drawings in the sand. As my house gets rocked around by passing boat wake, it moves on its own without me having to give it a push. I love seeing what designs show up from the natural movement of the house. Its very mesmerizing to watch.

I will post more pictures from my bedroom at a later date. Right now its the only room half-assed set up and is my staging area for unpacking and sorting. I haven't begun to find all my treasures yet, so it is a room in progress as I try out different things to see how they fit in here.

I have to say, that the best part about moving is unpacking and finding all my favorite things. What are the things you have that define your home?

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