Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Birds Eye View

Now that we finally have power, one of the first things I wanted to do was cook and serve a real meal in the "Dining Room". Thanksgiving was coming up, so I invited the neighbors over for a turkey dinner and set out to shop for supplies.

 For reasons known only to God himself, I chose to go to the local winery first. As we approached it, we noticed a number of small helicopters, taking off and landing in the near distance. What we didn't realize was that the winery we were going to, was offering helicopter rides to look over their cranberry bog and a quick tour over the area as part of the festivities for the local Cranberry festival that was happening that weekend. The cost was a very reasonable $30 a person for a 15 minute ride. We told the pilot that we had a float home just a few minutes away on the river and if he wouldn't mind we wanted to do a flyby. So here is the birds eye view of our neighborhood.

Our ride

We are the last blob in the water at the top

The view of the river looking west

 The view of the river looking east


I was so busy cooking and cleaning, I didn't get too many pictures of the results, but here is my first sit down table setting in this house! We didn't get enough time to get the wall paneling up yet as there is still wiring that needs to be done in this room. Still it was impressive for us, as two days early, this space was piled to the rafters with furniture, building supplies and random household stuff. Now we can see the bones of this room, it won't be long now!

We have so very much to be thankful for this year, I don't even know where to start. Thanks to Daryl and my Dad for believing in us and lending us the money to start this project. Thanks to the landlord who let us move to this beautiful location, thanks to the Creator for letting us live our dream, thanks to Craigslist for providing us with all we needed to build our dream and most of all, thanks to you, the reader for all your support and encouragement during the dark times, we are most grateful xoxo

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  1. That must have been exciting to see your home from the air. Your Thanksgiving dinner setting was beautiful. Your home is coming along so well. You must feel so good about that. You deserve it, you've struggled to make it happen for so long. - Margy

  2. I always look forward to your posts. Maybe it's because I can live through you, as I too have the dream of living on the water. Great photos.


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