Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Multi Purpose Room Reveal

We have a room beside the kitchen that finally got (mostly) finished. I lucked out and found a Murphy bed on craigslist that I could afford so the room can be used as a bedroom. I have been sleeping down here in the summer as my room upstairs turns onto a sauna on sunny days. When its not a bedroom it does double duty as my sewing room, my massage room, my exercise studio and my office.

I had almost forgot that I didn't really ever have any pictures of this room, so took a few quick "before" shots after we had started the reno.

The leaded glass door was a craigslist free find. It was a pair of sliding doors that I had refurbished into proper doors. Here is Dave using the brad nailer to put up wall paneling

The open doorway on the right is a sliding door to the bathroom that I had a friend install last year. I wanted the option to use the room for massage and spa treatments and wanted easy access to the shower for rinsing off mud and clay wraps.

 I covered the walls with bead board paneling and did a shit job of putting up the trim. Some cold day in hell, I will get around to sanding off the caulking that oozed out of the seams and painting all my mistakes. I have a couple of nice stain glass light fixtures that still need to be installed and a bit more trim to put up but for now it is quite serviceable and I am really enjoying this space in the house.

And here is the "after".......

Eventually I would like to make this corner into a closet with glass sliding doors. We will be removing the chimney soon to compensate for the weight of our new solar panels which should be arriving in a few weeks.




I also would like to build two cabinets, one on each side of the desk and the same height to give me a large workspace to cut fabric on. They would be for storage on one side for massage/spa supplies and sewing stuff on the other.

I have never sewn before, but recently bought a sewing machine to learn how to quilt. The quilt isn't finished yet but I have made a few other things in the meantime. First up was some curtains for this room. I cut up a nice suede like shower curtain and made some heavy curtains for the front window and the glass door.

Some lighter curtains for the kitchen window

The rest of the shower curtain for the front door window. We realized that the window in the door let in a ton of heat in the late afternoon with the sun beaming through it and found that the dark curtain and keeping the door closed kept the temperature in the kitchen down by about 15-20 degrees.

and last but not least, I sewed myself a new nightgown. I have to say, I am a very lazy and no idea what I am doing, kind of sewer. I didn't spend much time measuring anything except to eyeball it and didn't use any pins, just held edges together as I sewed. No patterns used, just made stuff up, but I am happy that I am getting over my fear of the sewing machine and finally learning my way around it.

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