Monday, 31 December 2012

My Dream Pantry

Ok, the room isn't totally finished yet but I wanted to show you what we've got so far. As big as my kitchen is, with the layout of it (namely having doors and/or windows on every single wall), there is not a ton of storage or counter space. There was a small room in the back of the house that I originally planned on using as a wood-working shop. After some thought, we decided it would be more useful as a pantry/back kitchen. I want to start making wine and learn to can food. This room is set up to do the work in and store the finished products after.
The first thing we did ( and when I say we, I always mean Dave!) was to change the door from the solid one that was there to this nice wood one with the window. Eventually I want to put the word pantry in frosted letters on the window

Then Dave built a counter along the back wall with a laundry sink in the center. There is lots of room under the counter to store carboys of fermenting wine. We will be building wine racks across the upper back wall and putting in a wall socket on the left hand wall so I can use the food dehydrator on the counter. I love this work station. Lots of room for canning jars, wine bottles etc on the counter and a huge sink for washing up.

Dave surprised me by mounting this wood panel that used to be part of my boat ( the hatch to the bilge pumps) in front of the sink. I love it!

Next he laid down some flooring. There is linoleum all around the edges and wood paneling in the center (it's not finished in this picture)

Next Dave custom-built me some large shelves and used some recycled old windows as doors

There is plenty of room under the shelves for storing bulkier items

I just love being able to see everything at a glance!

There are many finishing touches to do and it all has to be painted, but for now I can store and organise all my food and large cooking utensils and thats a good thing!

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  1. So much wonderful space! I'm jealous. Your float home is so much larger than mine. And by the way, Happy New Years. Hope you are having a wonderful evening. - Margy

  2. Hi Margy, thanks, I know how lucky I am to have all this space. I have spent years living in very tiny quarters, it is awesome to have the room to spread out and have a dedicated space for different projects. I am so sorry I missed you when you were in town, I look forward to showing you around here. All the best of the New Year to you and your family!


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