Sunday, 4 November 2012

Mull Of Kintyre.......

....a mist rolling in from...

Well I am not sure where it rolled in from, but it came in amazingly fast. I took the first picture of the seagulls sitting on my neighbors boatshed. Then as I panned the camera up, I noticed a strange formation in the fog, it looked like a wave of fog splashing over the buildings in the distance. The sequence of pictures that follows is how fast and thick the fog rolled in over a two minute time span !


This fog covered the entire river behind us as well. All I can say is I would not have wanted to be out there in a boat with no radar, it was a total whiteout!

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  1. It reminds you how careful you need to be out boating (or driving for that matter). But it must have been interesting to watch from the safety from your floating home. Tonight in the States, our cabin is supposed to be featured on the Travel Channel program called Extreme Houseboats. It's not on the air in Canada yet. Here's a link to the website. - Margy

  2. Must be something like - like minds. We had to rush back to the States with my Mom who burned her feet with a space heater. I have to care for her 24/7 until she can stand again, probably at least 4-6 weeks. She can't feel her feet so it is both a curse and a blessing. It is so difficult to get old. Once everything settles down I hope to get an overnighter to Steveston again. Maybe we can get together like last time. That would be fun. - Margy

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