Monday, 15 October 2012

Project Number Two- Doors

Well as busy as Dave has been building floats and ramps, he still found time to surprise me by installing some doors for me while I was at work. I absolutely love the new doors. The front door had been added in the last few years and didn't match the look of the house at all. Here is the before picture, blech!!

Here is the new door, yeah! The style and colour suit the house much better and the window is a godsend. This was another Craigslist find. I kind of like the natural wear and tear marks on it as it makes it look like it has been on the house for years.
It adds so much more light in the kitchen now and greatly improves the view.

I found this screen door in an alley and was so excited. I have always wanted a wooden screen door, complete with squeaky hinges, and now I have one!
The biggest surprise of all though was when I came home to find the stain glass patio doors installed.
The large sliding door that was there is just pushed open and the patio doors framed in the opening. We can still close the sliding door for extra protection if needed.
How pretty is that! Can you believe I got these for free on Craigslist? I love them to pieces. Someday we will find some cedar tongue and groove to finish off the edges on the outside so it matches the rest of the house. Right now I am just so grateful for the extra light in the living room.

At some point we plan to repaint the trim on the house, when we do, the white doors will get painted to match

I wrote a post last year about some different doors that inspired me. Here are a few more doors in my house that I like.

This is the door to my bedroom

This is one of two doors that I refurbished to fit the doorways in the kitchen. I love these doors so much. Again, I got them for free on Craigslist. They were originally a set of sliding doors that I changed to take a regular door handle.

This is one of two sliding doors that were installed in the bathroom. This one opens into the room on the other side which someday will be a massage room.

I saved the oval door that lead to the bathroom on my old boat.

One of these days that door will be installed in this opening which I had cut into the wall to provide another doorway into the other upstairs bedroom\

Well I am loving all my new- to- me doors. I don't know where Dave finds all the time to get all this stuff done but it is so great to finally get moving forward on the Reno's!

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  1. I like Dave’s taste in doors. :] And it’s really impressive, especially the front door. It is the part of the house that makes an impression from an outside perspective. The previous look – the red-white scheme – was actually striking, but not on a wood-colored house like yours. Good job!

    Terry ^.^


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