Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Patio Door Love

One of the things I wanted to change about this house was the doors on the side. Right now there are two huge sliding doors on each side of the house. They have a small window in  them that doesn't let in a whole lot of light. I was envisioning french doors on this side, so started looking for some on Craigslist. After quite awhile of searching and not having much luck, I finally came across this set. To be honest, they were far from ideal. They are technically interior doors with single pane glass. The look is quite East Indian Surrey ( no offence if your East Indian or from Surrey, it's just the style of the houses that are built there). Not exactly the look I was going after.

However yesterday I won the french door lottery! I found an ad for this set in the free section of Craigslist. The picture was kind of dark, so I couldn't really see the glass. I was mostly interested as they were exterior doors with double pane glass which would be much more appropriate. This is what I saw when I showed up to pick them up.

Yup, that's stain glass! I love these! Much more my style for sure. I'm doing my happy dance right now. Sorry the pictures aren't so great, they are stored in a container right now until I can get around to framing in the space for them.

They are in perfect condition, extremely solid and definitely weatherproof. I can't wait until these get installed!

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  1. Love those big round jewels in the glass, too cool. So everything is just waiting on Craigslist?

  2. People really use Craigslist a lot here in Vancouver. The free section is quite extensive and if you have the time, patience, the appropriate vehicle to get stuff home and the good luck to be the first responder, you can find pretty much anything you are looking for.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment. Our boat will be moored in the Fraser River for about one more week while a few repairs are done and then we will fly in to drive it north to Powell River. At least the marina is close to the airport. And going out the north arm will be best for getting around the sand heads out to sea.

    You are very inventive with your free and recycled items. I know there are a few floating houses in the marina next to ours by the fuel dock. A few are pretty cute. I'm sure yours will be too with those great free doors.

    Our lake cannot be accessed from the sea, so towing a cabin up here wouldn't work and I'm sure paying to put it on a trailer and hauling it from the sea to the lake would be pretty expensive, not to mention the tow all the way north from Vancouver.

    If you are looking at ocean locations to anchor your home you will probably need to go through the lease process the same as we did for the lake. I know there are a few float houses up and down the coast, mostly working fish farms or logging camps, but it might be possible. I am guessing you don't want to stay in the Fraser because you would have to continue to pay for moorage. I'm not familiar with those options either.

    Keep in touch. I am interested in your progress. - Margy

  4. A pink stained glass door. Nice! It looks so stylish to me, and the crystal stone made it even more pleasing to the eye. I think my daughter would love to have this kind of patio door as well. It has a feminine touch and has an inspirational appeal at the same time.

  5. You got lucky! And it’s not a simple exterior door you’ve won. It has stained glass details! What could be better? :) It’s durable from the looks of it, and it is perfect for keeping your house secured from prying eyes. Merrill@Renewal by Andersen

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